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Leader Benefits

Voices for Healthy Kids Action Center helps qualified Leaders connect with each other to lead the charge to ensure children grow up at healthy weight and create change more effectively. We provide free communications, promotion and assistance to help folks working to create healthy environments for kids do their job easier.

1. Connections with other Leaders

Have a great project or event coming up? We can feature your advocacy campaigns and programs in our weekly Inside Track newsletter that is sent to our entire list of Leaders. Each week, we highlight stories about what Voices for Healthy Kids Action Center Leaders like you are doing in the field.

You and your organization will be featured on and have access to our Map of the Movement, where you can connect with other activists in your area.

Once you’ve registered, you’ll have a profile page on our site with a contact button so you and other Leaders can message each other. Our network can be filtered by geographic and issue area, so you can connect with the people you’re supposed to reach.

2. Campaign Support

Voices for Healthy Kids Action Center maintains a national list of more than 300,000 Supporters. If you are running an advocacy campaign, we can help promote your efforts to local Supporters in your area.

Have a policy change you would like to see, but need the support? We can help start a campaign for you so you can accomplish change. (Please note: Because of Voices for Healthy Kids Action Center’s nonprofit status, we cannot participate in any campaigns that would be considered lobbying, such as an action targeted at a Member of Congress.)

3. News and Updates

Every week Leaders receive our must-read Inside Track newsletter, which features exclusive news, highlights of Leaders and campaign announcements.

When we hear about upcoming events, we’ll alert you. You will receive invitations to webinars and trainings on current issues by Voices for Healthy Kids Action Center and our partners.

4. Free Access to Tools

You can even add Voices for Healthy Kids Action Center to your own website or blog! Leaders can create interactive widgets that can easily be added to your site.

5. Voices for Healthy Kids Action Center is Free!

Our services are complimentary to you thanks to funding from the American Heart Association. We are here to help you connect with others and achieve your goals.

Ready to register? Sign up as a Leader.

If you have questions about becoming a Leader or know someone who should register with us? You can email us at Our job is to help get you registered and set up with our network, so we'd love to hear from you!