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  That caterpillar might be very hungry for healthy food, but he better carve out time to prepare an acceptance speech.   The Alliance for a Healthier Generation has been nominated for a CLASSY award for its “Eating Healthy, Growing Strong” campaign.... Read more
  Astute readers of The Inside Track will remember our April profile of Grace Freedman, who runs the popular, a website and nonprofit dedicated to helping families eat dinner together more often — and creating the societal changes that will allow them... Read more
August 11, 2011
  Jeffrey Mills knows it’s not enough to just introduce fresh fruits and vegetables to public school students. You’ve got to model it for them, too. But don’t worry — you won’t have to walk the runway. As director of... Read more
  “100 restaurants in LA hand out cards asking patrons to text 20222 to donate $5 to the #FoodRevolution.” — @FoodFun, promoting a joint campaign by Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution and Chipotle to encourage healthier eating habits in Los Angeles. Read more
  New nutritional and physical activity guidelines for out-of-school programs were unveiled by the Healthy Out-of-School Time (HOST) Coalition this week. Recommendations for programs include serving more fruits and vegetables, offering water as the preferred drink option and dedicating 20 percent... Read more
 There’s good news and there’s bad news. The good news first: Kids are seeing fewer television advertisements from food and beverage companies. The bad news? Most of the ads they do see promote fast-food restaurants and foods that are high in... Read more