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May 17, 2012
“USDA spent $220 million in 2004 on nutrition ed, 2% of what the food industry spent on mktng to kids. #weightofthenation.” —@FoodCorps, sharing one of the statistics put forth in HBO’s four-part documentary series Weight of the Nation. Click here... Read more
Class is in session.Or rather, webinars. Several Leaders are featured as speakers in upcoming webinars this month, showcasing the wide breadth of expertise found in the network and the range of important issues driving the childhood obesity movement. First... Read more
San Francisco is known for being among the more progressive cities when it comes to taking on childhood obesity — and it doesn’t look like advocates there are slowing down anytime soon. On Saturday, the organization Slow Food San Francisco... Read more
Our friends at Child Obesity 180 are looking for a project manager to oversee efforts to improve nutrition and physical activity standards at out-of-school organizations in the New England area. The job is part of Child Obesity 180’s Healthy Kids... Read more
Meet Maji and Mongo, two dogs of the same breed who are very different indeed.Mongo, you see, is a couch potato. Maji, on the other hand, is like a tornado (read: physically active).Maji and Mongo are the heroes of the... Read more
May 10, 2012
“Unless we shape up, 42% of us will be obese within 20 years.” —@TheAtlanticHLTH, referencing new projections unveiled during the Weight of the Nation conference that show the obesity epidemic continues to grow. The work of Leaders like you... Read more