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September 29, 2011
  More than 3,400 people have already asked 17 major food and beverage companies to do the right thing and agree to market only healthy products to our kids. We hope Leaders like you are also lending your voice to this... Read more
 It isn’t every day that the nation’s top doctor boogies down with a group of elementary school students. But on Tuesday, Surgeon General Regina Benjamin put on her dancing shoes and did the Cupid Shuffle. Benjamin was at an NAACP event... Read more
September 22, 2011
 The Coca-Cola Formula — that is, the recipe for the world’s No. 1 soft drink — is considered to be among the most closely guarded secrets in the world. Legend has it that only a handful of top Coke executives... Read more
September 22, 2011
Just a minute.   That’s the philosophy behind the JAM School Program, which provides free wellness tips and activities for teachers at about 15,000 schools in North America. The highlight of the program is the “JAMmin’ Minute,” a one-minute fitness routine... Read more
  “60% of Americans are overweight or obese but ironically they are also malnourished. Poor quality food=Poor quality body.” —@JeanetteJenkins, known as “The Hollywood Trainer,” in a Monday tweet. Numerous studies have shown that people who live in food deserts... Read more
September 22, 2011
  In Spartanburg County, health advocates are getting to the heart of the matter — and it involves a lot of bikes.   The story starts back in the 1990s, when advocates and community partners in the South Carolina county... Read more