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December 1, 2011
 When Pamela Green-Jackson first became inspired to start a program to encourage wellness among local young people, her brother Bernard Green was her biggest cheerleader. Green-Jackson was employed at a newspaper at the time, but felt a calling to work with schoolchildren... Read more
 As we enter the holiday season, we are faced with the sad reality that one in six Americans is fighting hunger. And unfortunately, hungry people also are more at risk of becoming obese, because the food they can access is... Read more
  Moving Ahead. In a keynote address wrapping up the conference, First Lady Michelle Obama announced that the next initiatives for her “Let’s Move!” campaign will focus on encouraging physical activity among young people, who she said suffer from a “crisis... Read more
“Diabetes hits hardest in states with the highest rates of obesity and poverty #VaultPick” —@amednews, the Twitter handle of American Medical News, in a tweet on World Diabetes Day. The organization linked to a 2009 story showing that action to prevent... Read more
November 17, 2011
When it comes to school gardens, it’s not all about the food. That’s the message Jane Hirschi found herself presenting as she and her organization, CitySprouts, convinced school officials in Cambridge, Mass., to plant a garden on each campus. Of course,... Read more
November 17, 2011
  When shopping for a new dishwasher, one of the things you probably look at is the machine’s Energy Star rating. The simple, easy-to-understand system explains how energy-efficient the dishwasher is, and the program has long helped Americans reduce their energy use... Read more