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  “It's Bike to Work Week! Maybe @qtpik8 will put me on her handlebars & I'll pretend to be ET. Then I'll yell "ET had a basket!!" #tweetmyride” — @RaptorH in one of the funnier Bike to Work Week related... Read more
May 19, 2011
  The ING New York City Marathon is among the most popular in the world, so popular, in fact, that many participants have to enter through a lottery. But thousands of students across the country each year are treated to... Read more
  Deborah Lewison-Grant is totally willing to go for the gross out factor.   The one-time high school teacher co-founded Food Fight, a New York-based organization that offers a curriculum designed to teach high-school students about how food politics and consumerism effect... Read more
  "Nice though not surprising > Research: integrating physical activity with classroom lessons can boost academic success" — @HealthySchools, linking to an article on Science Daily that explained how P.E. helps improve student test scores.   Read more
May 12, 2011
  University of Michigan research professor Lloyd Johnston has good news and bad news. The good news first: Slowly but surely, public school lunches are getting healthier, with dishes like french fries being removed from school menus in favor of fresh fruits,... Read more
  For years, Trinity Episcopal Cathedral had helped hungry families with its food pantry. But a few years ago, the parish found that it needed to do more, as many people in the local community lacked access to produce and... Read more