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February 23, 2012
  Looks like Leader Gina Giargente isn’t the only one with a love of hula. Social Media Week was last week, which saw thousands of people meet in cities across the globe to discuss how social media is reshaping politics,... Read more
“Federal government setting nutrition standards for school vending machines. Will release within 6 weeks.” —@YaleRuddCenter, the Twitter handle for the Yale Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity. On Tuesday, the New York Times outlined the Obama administration’s plans to issue... Read more
February 16, 2012
  Convincing restaurants and local retailers to offer healthy foods and beverages can be a daunting task but two great new toolkits offer help to folks looking to implement such initiatives in their communities.   The National Policy & Legal... Read more
  “The Department of Defense considers obesity not only a national problem but a national security issue." #childobesity.” —@Mission_Ready, the Twitter handle of the national security nonprofit Mission Readiness. Military officials unveiled new nutrition guidelines for troops last week, citing a... Read more
February 16, 2012
 As the general manager of the Atlanta Falcons, Thomas Dimitroff is charged with overseeing the operations of one of professional football’s most competitive teams. But Dimitroff doesn’t just love the gridiron; he’s also an avid bicyclist who works to promote... Read more
February 16, 2012
  Chips. Candy. Even cupcakes.   When one thinks about the snacks typically found in vending machines, healthy fare doesn’t normally come to mind. Salt, sugar and saturated fat do.   But as schools, recreational facilities, offices and other workplaces... Read more