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“Thanks to all who helped me with my marathon run. I cramped up pretty bad a few times, but you all helped me push through !” —@RichardBlais, winner of “Top Chef All Stars,” in a Nov. 6 tweet. Blais ran... Read more
November 10, 2011
  Jason and Jodi Tatum aren’t your typical obesity experts. They haven’t spent years studying the food industry or looking at reshaping city infrastructure to encourage physical activity.   The husband and wife simply saw the effects of the epidemic and wanted... Read more
“In the interest of fighting the childhood obesity epidemic, I've decided to eat all the Halloween candy I bought.” – a Halloween-themed tweet from @someecards, the spoof online greeting card website. Read more
November 3, 2011
  Dear Inside Track Readers,   I have a confession to make. I love soda. I know, I know. You don’t have to lecture me on how unhealthy it is. But I’m also pledging that from here on out, I... Read more
November 3, 2011 Leader Ingrid Morris describes the website NC School Health Connection (NCSHC) as Switzerland for the Tar Heel State’s childhood obesity advocacy community. As Morris explains, there are thousands of individuals, government agencies, nonprofit organizations and others working to support childhood obesity prevention programs in... Read more
November 3, 2011
  Connecting farmers to school cafeteria personnel just got a whole lot easier in the Cornhusker State.   Our friends at the Gretchen Swanson Center for Childhood Nutrition launched a new online toolkit this week that helps school officials, food... Read more