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   “Of course America has an obesity problem when most cities have 52 swimming pools and 552 McDonalds!” — comedian and witty fashion critic Joan Rivers, summing up how unhealthy environments effect obesity rates. Read more
  Hundreds of local policymakers and health advocates traveled to Washington last week to brainstorm ways to reverse childhood obesity in a tight economic climate — and the family was well-represented among speakers. Leadership for Healthy Communities (LHC) sponsored... Read more
September 15, 2011
 When Gillia Olson set out to write a children’s book about the country’s nutritional guidelines, she thought she’d be working with a pyramid. Instead, she found herself working with a plate. Olson is the author of “MyPlate and You,” a... Read more
  I write a lot about the importance of healthy school meals in The Inside Track (just see the item below). But rarely do I or any of my colleagues actually leave our comfortable confines in downtown Washington to see (and taste)... Read more
September 8, 2011
  If the folks at KEEN had their way, playtime wouldn’t be just for kids.   The footwear company is sponsoring a “Recess Revolution” in Washington on Sept. 14, urging people to take 10 minutes out of their day to get... Read more
  ‘“All kids deserve… knowledge, engagement, and access to healthy food! Whatever you call it, food education is key!’” —@FoodCorps, linking to a New York Times opinion piece urging the revival of home economics curriculum as one way to reduce obesity.  Read more